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Learn How to Draw and Paint With Instant Lion

How to Draw

Hey there! I see you’ve stumbled onto Instant Lion, the number 1 source for all your artistic desires. Instant Lion’s goal is to teach you how to draw through the use of online art lessons. The artists we employ to teach you have been featured on Deviant Art and Art Wikipedia. Basically, we rock and want to help you rock too

Who are we?

We are a dedicated group of professionals who hope to guide you on your art career. Lots of people are born with artistic talent but few actually hone it. Practicing art over and over again can make you good, but if you do it the wrong way you will suffer. We hope to show you beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques to help you become a better artist. Plus, with the busy world we live in, online classes give you the freedom to practice at your own pace and without any true commitment. Of course, you still will have to work hard to become a world class artist.

We currently offer help in the following areas, although we soon hope to expand to many more!

  • Step by Step Drawing Lessons

  • How to draw anime such as naruto, dragonball z and pokemon

  • How to draw caricatures

  • Who and What to draw

  • Drawing animals, cars, popular personas

  • Graffiti

  • Portrait drawing and painting lessons

  • Online drawing lessons

  • How to improve drawing

Stay Updated

There will not be many, if any, art sites that will go as in depth and in detail as we do. If there are we WILL link to them! We want to help you as soon as possible, however, a website like this takes time to build. In the meantime we will link out to other sites you can use for help. We hope to have the first version of our site up by the end of this year! Share and spread the word to your fellow artists!  In the meantime, heres a video to help you draw a realistic mouth!