Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas

What to draw when your bored? This is a question that has come up in the mind of every artist.

To solve this dilemma Instant Lion has gone all out and given you three ways to remedy the situation! On the other hand, you could always just browse our site or use the search bar above!

How to draw George Carlin

Learn how to draw George Carlin by watching the video ...
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How to draw Eminem

Learn how to draw Eminem by watching the video below.\n\nShare ...
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How to draw Charles Dickens

Learn how to draw Charles Dickens by watching the video ...
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Random Picture Generator

The perfect way to find stuff to draw, this random picture generator will produce one of thousands of pictures which range from easy drawings for kids to ingenious art ideas. Use this generator to give you a nudge or a push to find something interesting to draw or give you some random inspiration. Of course you could just waste your time trying to see if our claim of thousands of pictures is true (it is 😛 ) but we’d rather you just explore our site and spend time on that!

To use this follow the instructions below:

  1. Hold Shift Key and Click Flag so you see something that says “Turbo Mode” show up
  2. You can restart the drawing process by pressing the number 1 key or number 2 key.
  3. Number 1 key creates a random image of colored pixels
  4. Number 2 key creates a random image of black and white pixels
  5. Number 3 key also creates something, though slower
  6. Press the stop sign to stop at any time

There are an infinite number of possibilities (told you our claim was true) ! Although highly unlikely, you might actually get the Mona Lisa! Use this for inspiration or to reconnect with your creative side!

Things to Draw When Your Bored

Stop asking yourself “what should I draw?” and browse this list which is full of a huge spectrum of picture ideas from drawing for kids to cartoon characters to draw to somethings that will just be there to fulfill your request to have something to draw.

A power tool


A rubber duck

Martini Bath

A wooly mammoth

A diaper

A swimsuit


The Bermuda Triangle

Adorable demon

A panda

A keyboard

A heart

Charlie Chaplin

The Little Prince

A pineapple upside-down cake

An elephant

A waterfall

A frog

A drunken sailor

Whirling dervishes

A ladder

A skeleton

A pearl

Shrimp cocktail


An inchworm

Tiny ballerinas

Bad to the Bone

Flea Circus


A strawberry


Chocolate truffles


A tuxedo

Steak and potatoes

A train

A giraffe

A spelunker

If electrons were sure, but not positive

A diamond ring

A video game

Disney-inspired Drag Princesses

Everybody loves ice cream: Machiavelli

An eyeball

Space Invaders in Disguise

A brain

A newsboy cap

A ticket

A barrel of monkeys

A carrot top

A tractor

A helmet

A chorus line

A view from an airplane window

A leopard

A seed pod

A treasure chest


Leisure Wear

A beaker

A tennis racket

A doily

A necklace

Peanut butter

Unsexy vampires

A mirage

A porcupine

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire

A ship in a bottle

A bone


The Flannel Avenger

A robot


A swamp

A bee

Fancy Cephalopods

A hobo

A nightmare

Worst enemies

A lock

A ghost

Aunt Ethel’s secret

An old key


A bowler hat

A tetherball

New Jersey

A pinecone

The key to my heart


A juice box

A knife

A wedding dress

An uneventful street

The northern lights

I only have eyes for you

A propaganda poster

A movie star

Mother-in-law from hell

Mr. Cookie, the cynical street-smart private detective

Mermaid from toxic waters

Patron Saint of low bandwidth

Rain boots

Dancing hippo

Emo cheerleaders

A viper

Presidential pets

A bulldog

A tree limb


A technological diagram

Napoleon takes a selfie

Food Fight Club

Cupcake, like a Sir

Sexy Sumo

A bunch of grapes

A Quonset hut

Dentist to the Damned

Whine and Roses

A rainbow

I wish SyFy would make this movie

A palm tree

A cleaver

A feathered hat

A teapot


They met on the internet

A dandy

An umbrella

A dragonfly

A bicycle

Pie a la mode

Bob Ross on acid


A Christmas tree

Awkward proposal

A puppet

A chalkboard

A fire escape

A top hat

A county fair

A newt

Hairstyle(s) inspired by Princess Leia

Luminescent plankton

An artichoke

A face full of character

Angry Animals

A portal

A string of DNA

A ruler

Best friends

A sock monkey


A marble


Illustration of a cliche

These things all start with B

Death’s New Job

Christmas Crackers

A battleship

A bird’s nest

That sure is a long neck

A watermelon

Swim fins

An Egyptian pyramid

A spaceship

A huge gold frame

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tectonic plates

A snout

A Martian

Grumpy Cats


A box car

Stiletto heals

A ripe banana

A kite

A salt shaker

An open/closed sign

Brass knuckles



A layer cake

A football

An onion

A crayon

A helicopter

A cupcake

You’ve got something in your teeth

Your worst nightmare

A sardine tin

A sheep

A barbell

A telescope

Cyber Stalker

Your pinky finger


An electrical outlet

A long-playing record

Cute Zombie

A jellyfish

A bowling pin

A sand castle

An architect

A scoundrel

A Portrait of ____ in a Rainbow Afro Wig

A dumpster


Fuit cocktail

A poodle

A waterslide


A lock


A scream

A comet

A parasite

My Secret Addiction

A peg leg

A condiment

A tattoo

A baseball glove

A calculator

A hummingbird

Ginger vs. Mary Ann



A blackberry bush

A lava lamp

A shoulder shrug

Vegetable warrior

A turntable

Body parts in jars


A messenger bag

A caribou

A box of tissues

Elevator Flatulence

A pomegranate

A laser

A map

An anatomy chart

Second runner up

Pet Shop Boy

Cat whiskers

A bottle cap

A secret door

A gnome

Reasons to Avoid Children

A storm

Ninja penguins

Killer rodent

A toaster

Dirty Pirate

A balloon animal

Citrus Junkie

Today’s Bizarre Holiday

A wallet

Knitting diva

An accordion

A circuit board

A watering can

Fez Mania

Poison labels

A garden


Prescription medication

A stalagmite

A cinder block

Beginning Belly Dancing

A troll

A trumpet

Head in the clouds

A grandma

A trailer

A prom dress

A crab apple

Get Well Soon, Dracula!

A centaur

It came from Planet X

Pretty fly for a white guy

An igloo

First love

Cinderella’s new shoes

A mime

Pet Peeves

Root beer

World’s Lamest Super Villain

Dance steps

Lucky charms

Scary Teddy Bear

An egg

Barbie hits menopause

An apple tree

A sensitive cowboy

Chips and dip

A stick of butter

A pug

A starfish

A swimming pool

A wheelbarrow

Bowling with Food

A harmonica

A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Cupid vs Krampus


A box of kittens

A mouth

A library card

Pretzel Mafia

A cave

A Beatles song

A winter hat

A certificate

A bobsledder

A computer

Interesting wedding cake topper

An amoeba

A tuba

A windmill

2 x 4s

A razor blade

A jar full of pennies

Apples vs. Oranges

A lumberjack

Maple syrup

A bag of hammers

A cuttlefish

A celebration

A box of cereal

Vegetables play dress up

Jelly beans

An opera singer

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

A sweatband


A freezer

Noah’s ark

Mac and cheese

A teacup

A plastic bag

A tarantula

Seven Dwarves not approved by Disney

Scrambled eggs

I didn’t know he played the ukulele!


A steak


A bear family

Bless this Mess

A golf ball

A time machine

A cabin

A whisper

Spilled milk

A palm reading

A recycling bin

Alfred Hitchcock

Sea spray

A game-show host

A pirate flag

Running shoes

A zombie

French fries

A safety pin

A skunk

Molten lava

A kebab

A basket

Cotton candy

A mummy

A thumb

A mystery box

Gladiator Mascara

A shark ate my homework

A boom box

An office park

A turkey leg

A tulip

Alphabet soup

A quilt

A cabbage patch

A pair of scissors

A phone booth

A ladybug

80s hair band cover band

Co-ed prison debate team

The next morning

A necktie

Tuna surprise

A bandage


Ulysses S. Grant in a bathing suit


A knot

A compound fracture

Nerds on parade


A Q-tip

A bed

Ridiculous Hat

Girl Ain’t Right


A narwhal


Ninja bananas

A haircut

A crowd

A bookstore

A hippo

A jumper


A bucket


A sandwich

A transportation system

A mosquito

Mad Scientist Beauty Shop

Almost Human

A parasol

A hanger

Mr. Tangerine Speedo


Puget Sound

A lightbulb


Attack of the Accountants

A police officer

A boss


A beetle

Ski slopes

A lunchbox

A digital watch

Snow Not-So-White

Parasites in party hats

A paper clip



A sidewalk

A balloon

A muffin tin


Everyone loves ice cream: Rasputin


When Platypuses Attack

Behind the scenes

Costume jewelry

Seven heavenly virtues (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence or hard work, forgiveness, kindness, and humility)

A moustache

Spice Girls Snowglobe

Sushi gone bad

A motel

Frida, by Picasso

A walnut

A horse and carriage


Back to nature

Morning routine

A circus

A pocket

A milk carton

A pencil

You’re not leaving the house in that

Batman & The Joker go to counseling

Roller skates

A sea urchin

Donut in disguise

A sweater

A weathervane

Embarrassing Grandmas

Broken glass

Twisted Tarot (i.e. not The Lovers or Wheel of Fortune, but The Poppy Seed Bagel or Decorative Scissors)

A phonograph

A real state agent

A frying pan

A log

Girlish laughter

A ball of yarn

A picket fence

A bird feeder

A seagull

Alter ego


An ice cream cone

An invitation

A unicorn

A hammock

A princess crown

A beach

Fever dreams

Xena: Warrior Business Analyst

Eye Heart Ewe

Mount Rushmore

Zombie head games

The Empire State Building

Friends don’t let friends . . . (wear plaid pants, drive naked, drunk dial the President, etc.)

A celo

Drunk dialing

Dancing with the Planets

A gravestone

A bottle cap


A baseball

The Abominable Snow Man

A parade

A baguette

The Milky Way

A thumbtack

The periodic table

A chimney

Everyone loves ice cream: Marquis de Sade

Playing cars

Hangover Barbie

A sailboat


A can of beans

A turtle

My Favorite Darwin Award


A rolling pin

An inner tube


A bearded lady

Shakespeare: The Rock Opera

A church

Velociraptor at my door

A prism

Birdhouse in your soul

A penguin

The ideal dessert

Your least favorite food

Petroleum jelly

An eggbeater

Bee baker

A keychain

Inanimate objects in glasses

A fjord

Hills and valleys

A lollipop

Bowling pin people

A sippy cup

An ironing board

A pillow

Potato salad

A box of fried chicken

The Sunday paper


A spiral-bound notebook

A ballpoint pen


A trolley car

An iceberg

A T-shirt

Trying to quit

A road

Dexter’s cat

An oasis

A ponytail

A geode

An ottoman

A baby monster

A wrinkle

A bottle opener

Everyone loves ice cream: Attila the Hun

We’re NOT twins

A tube of toothpaste

An antelope

A goldfish

A vampire

An airplane

A dirty rag

A bow and arrow

A shooting star

Horrifying Nip Slip

Bowling shoes


A spool of thread

A hamburger

Geeks in KISS boots

The Patron Saint of Indigestion


A glass of milk

Cthulhu ballerina


A partner in crime


A sense of humor

A pumpkin

A sled

T-rex goes vegan

A burrito

A saint

Mismatched earrings

Romeo & Juliet go skydiving

A paw print

Game Day


A convertible

A butterfly

Robot paper dolls

A dream

A diving board

A broken toy

Tube socks

Self portrait in the style of your favorite cartoon/comic/artist

A tacky rug

A gold medal

A three-toed sloth


The man in the moon


A surfboard


50 Shades of Strange


A campfire

A saxophone

A slinky

The Worst Sandwich

Birthday disaster

A gourd

A stoplight

A kiss

A water jug



A spiderweb

A belt buckle

A mayonnaise jar

A cowbell

The wild blue yonder


A horseshoe

A rabbit



Hot springs

A container ship

A stalactite

A candelabra

Motherly Matador

A lemon meringue pie

Disjoined Twins

Shakespeare doing rhythmic gymnastics

Unsexy unitard

Flying Monkeys find love

A flower

A burlap sack


A houseboat

Virginia Woolf

A sound wave

A sand dollar


A corn dog with mustard

A crystal ball

Wise babies

Polydactyl and proud!

Coffee deprived

Strange fashions

A warthog

A wheel of fortune

A seal


A puzzle

A bar of music


A director’s chair

A cassette tape

A fire truck

A full house


A constellation

A turnip

A stain

A spoon

An ugly duckilng

A fan

Pope in a poodle skirt

Drunk clouds

A vending machine

A globe

A baby seal clubbing a fisherman


Art Projects

Scratch looking for easy pictures to draw and put your big boy pants on. Here you’ll find ideas for massive projects that you can spend months on so you can assure you won’t be bored for a while! These range from art projects and ideas for kids to big monstrous ideas so crazy that they only exist in our imagination! ( for now 😛 ) So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Check this site

This one

Anddddd this one (Especially good for kids)!


A Video For Inspiration When Bored