How to Draw Animals

 How to Draw Animals

There are millions of different species of animals out there. Everywhere you look there is a different kind such as horses, dogs, turtles, dolphins, monkeys, wolves and cats. Because of this it should come as no surprise that drawing animals has been a past-time of many individuals. In fact, even the first recorded drawings depict humans and animals. Wild life is just THAT important.

Depicting animals keeps their existence alive. For example, had it not been for artists we would never know what a dodo bird looked like. What if, in fact, dragons were real but no one drew them? If people were alive during the time of the dinosaurs we would also have a better idea of what they looked like. For those reasons we need artists who draw dinosaurs. Popular animals to draw include a lion, bunny, bird, frog, fish, bear, turkey, puppy, cow, pig, snake, deer, panda, elephant, bat, unicorn ( 😛 ), dog, cat, giraffe, wolf, mouse, duck, rabbit, zebra, polar bear, sea otter, tiger, buffalo, fish, and sea animals.

Because of the large demand we have decided to create step by step guides that are kid friendly to help you draw better!

How To Draw A Horse

The horse is one of the most demanded animals to learn how to draw. For what exact reason? I have ...
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How To Draw a Horse

how to draw animals


How to Draw A Dragon

How to Draw A Cartoon Cat

How to Draw Animals

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how to draw animals
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