Drawing Tutorials

Drawing tutorials to help you draw like a pro

Many times when people look at my drawings, they want to know how they can draw like me or they want me to teach them how to draw. Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t describe myself as the great Pablo Picasso or Vincent van Gogh, but I can share with you some advice that might help you improve. The secrets that I will be sharing today will help your create art more easily, and drastically improve the creativity of your art. I’ve been using these secrets for nearly 10 years now in various different fields of art. To all the beginner artists I’ve shared these secrets tell me, it has impacted the way they draw and see big results in their artwork.
In my experience, I’m seeing beginner artists making the same mistake over and over again. The real problem is that many times, artists choose to draw the same things, there is no creativity in it. The solution to that problem is to not over complicate your drawings, and to think in very simplistic term while drawing. If there is one thing I learned over these 10 years, its not to complicate your drawings with unnecessary details.
This does NOT mean take your time! Look at how many steps it took me to make a ROUGH sketch of batman for a magazine I’m going to be featured in.

Drawing tutorials

Now again this is a really rough sketch, but as you can see it takes time. Not over complication but time! With that being said pay close attention to what I’m about to say next.

The number one drawing tip to improving your drawing skills is to draw as if you were narrating a story.

Don’t just ordinary objects, random person posing, or flexing. That’s not interesting. For example, think of Leonardo da vinci’s Mona Lisa, what’s so special about that painting that it become as famous as it did?

Drawing tutorials


Why is it one the  “best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world.” Well, the answer is simple, the portrait isn’t too complicated with details but what makes this portrait interesting is the story that it tells. It is Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile and gaze that leave the viewers of the artwork intrigued.
This is just one the many secrets in producing better and more creative artwork.

How to Draw Realistic art

If you go to any art class, especially ones for bright kids, the first few drawing tips they will give you will be centered around realistic art. These art classes are less about learning drawing and more about stifling creativity in favor of making you a “better artist.” I’m here to tell you that these drawing classes are not helpful in teaching you how to draw.  However, realistic art is a good thing to learn if you want to boost your artistic resume!
Hyper realistic art comes down to one thing: attention to detail. If you pay close enough attention to anything your art will look realistic. Unfortunately, many artists try to look for shortcuts when drawing realistic art. You cannot fall for this. Instead you have to spend your time drawing every single small line, doing every hatch and cross hatch. Realistic art is time consuming but worth it. For example, check this out! It is made through a stunning attention to detail!
What I would recommend is that you pick up one of these books. Everyone learns realistic art in a different way but it always comes back to detail. Picking any of these books will not only guide you, but can teach you. Because realistic art is one of the least creative forms of art, you are just trying to draw what you depict, it can easily be taught. Reading through one of these books from front to back and learning their techniques will really help you become a realistic art master. If not, you will struggle trying to learn the technique all on your own.

Drawing Courses

Browse around Instantlion for hundreds of FREE tutorials (Check out our blog). However, most of these tutorials are aimed at beginners (as all free websites). If you really want to learn quickly and become an advanced artist within the next few months, OR if you are already intermediate and need more help without spending tons of money on tutors keep reading!
If you want more detailed information of how exactly artists today are creating amazing artwork, I would recommend watching drawing tutorials and drawing tips from the following resources. These websites offer step-by-step drawings and techniques that renowned artists are using today. These aren’t just ordinary art classes or drawing exercises for kids, they will teach you how to transform from drawing like a beginner to drawing like a pro.
Many beginner artists that have learned these secrets are making nearly $2000 a month selling their artwork and started out with no experience. You can do too!


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