How to Draw Anime

How to Draw Anime

Learning how to draw anime just like how a professional does can be done at home. Anime, in Japan, refers to all the forms of animation around the world. Anime started off in Japan in the 20th century when the Japanese were experimenting with animations that were being developed in the United States and Germany.

When someone, even if they are not from  Japan, think of anime, they mostly think of Japanese cartoons such as Pokémon, Manga, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Drawing anime is probably one of the most easiest forms of drawing people. Starting off drawing anime, you will only need a pencil, eraser, and some colored pencils/markers. This page will provide you with the resources need to how to draw anime, how to draw a person, and how to draw manga.

At the end, we have listed some resources we think would be extremely helpful in your anime creation journey!

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How to Draw a Person

Learning how to draw anime characters is quite simple following these steps.

How to Draw Anime Girls and Boys

Below is a tutorial of how to draw anime step by step.


How to Draw Anime

How to Draw Anime

How to Draw Anime

This should give you a base on how to start off your anime drawing, from here you an easily draw the eyes, hands, feet and other features of your anime character.


How to Draw Manga Eyes

 How to Draw Manga Head

How to Draw Anime Facial Expression

How to Draw Chibi

How to Draw Manga Books




If you’re a beginner the first thing you need to do is start drawing RIGHT AWAY! It will go a long way

If you’re intermediate to advanced I’d suggest picking up the advanced books to teach you how to create anime on your computer so you can really move to the next level!

Manga Coloring Tools

Color is, no doubt, one of the most important aspects of anime. With that being said many artists often fail to understand this point. They use dull colors or colors that lack meaning. Anime tells a story and color is a vital part of it. Think about it, when you read a black and white manga you have to create your own meaning for many things. However, the color manga adds a whole new dimension and you are better able to see what the author wanted. Here are the premier coloring tools for anime today!