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How to draw George Carlin

Learn how to draw George Carlin by watching the video ...
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Bir Annenin Feryadı izle, Filmi izle, Full izleYıldızlararası Interstellar | ...
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How to draw Eminem

Learn how to draw Eminem by watching the video below.\n\nShare ...
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How to draw Charles Dickens

Learn how to draw Charles Dickens by watching the video ...
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How to draw Al Pacino

Learn how to draw Al Pacino by watching the video ...
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How to draw Jennifer Lawrence

Learn how to draw Jennifer Lawrence by watching the video ...
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How to draw Paul Walker

Learn how to draw Paul Walker by watching the video ...
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How to draw Shakira

Learn how to draw Shakira by watching the video below ...
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Hey guys welcome to How to Draw with Instant Lion. Today we’re going to try and help you understand how to master one of the most basic forms of art: drawing!

Below are our best tips on drawing for beginners, but hey, if you’re advanced it always helps to come back to basics. Remember to like and share!

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How to Draw

Drawing can be a very useful skill to learn as well as an enjoyable hobby, but what if you’re not a great drawer?

Most people would suggest taking art classes to improve your drawing abilities but most of the time, they can be very costly. If you would like to learn to draw like a professional artist, without taking classes, just follow these steps.

Learning to draw

Step by Step Drawing LessonsOne of the first steps of understanding how to draw anything is to visualize what it is you want to sketch.  

  • Most beginner artists make the mistake of fretting too much, but it can be corrected through practice.
  • You might want to start off by drawing a portrait of someone or a certain object.
  • Focus on drawing exactly what you see, and pay close attention to detail, such as the texture\contour of an object. It will take much practice, but it will worth it in the end.


Step by Step Drawing Lessons

The internet is full of resources you can use to improve your drawing abilities.

  • Watching free drawing videos can help you get ideas for projects and provide you with tips and cautions on what supplies you should and should not use.

How to Start Drawing

Using different methods and styles can help make to draw art better and make your artwork more unique.

  • This part of drawing is the fun part of drawing because it is the step where you learn what type of style you are particularly good at.
  • Some individuals may prefer drawing manga while others prefer kids drawing or cartoon drawing; it’s up to you to decide what pictures to draw.
  • Stop thinking about how to draw stuff or googling “how to draw a” just go out and draw!

How to SketchHow to Draw a Car

Making sure that your proportions are correct is very important.

  • To do this, most artists learn to sketch and use very light and faint lines.
    • This can be used as advantage since big mistakes can be caught on early on (ex. When you are learning how to draw kids making the face too big is not a problem because you can just erase).
  • For more information on size and proportion, check out our How to Draw Portraits page.


Drawing Course

Master shading, line, tone, texture, and reflecting is the most difficult part about drawing!

  • These skills are difficult to master if you do not have the right training.
  • While learning how to draw step by step is easy to teach to beginners, once you get more advanced you need to implement elements your own style so you can can create truly unique art pieces.
  • Drawing art ( which means drawing everything because everything is art) is a huge task that can take years upon years to learn.
How to Draw

Don’t Spend Years Only to Become This Guy

How to draw everything

If you don’t want to spend years upon years mastering your art, there are programs available online that can help you.

I’m NOT talking about the free youtube videos online. While these are insightful, they mostly give you a direction and not a concrete way to help. For example, this video below has a good result but not great teaching.

It’s like asking where the Empire State Building is and someone telling you North. Sure he helped but you’ll still be lost.

Instead browse around our site to find drawing tutorial made specifically for you OR make a small investment in one of the products below!


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Secrets of Drawing (Great for beginners) 

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Pencil Drawing (More tailored for Intermediate Artists) 

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