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Pencil Kings Review|Drawing Secrets Review|Pencil Drawing Review

Hey guys, today we’re going to be talking about the best, the cream of the crop, the greatest places to learn to draw online. Wether you want to step by step instructions teaching you how to draw cartoons, kids, cars, eyes, faces, roses, animals, horses, flowers, wolves, trees, people or anything these online drawing courses will teach you the best art drawing techniques online. Now the first thing I can tell is that all those free drawing lessons online that you find on random how to draw websites teach you the worst drawing and art technique by giving you easy drawings as examples.  For example if you wanted to learn how to draw people online you might look at this free drawing lesson:

Lets look at what this video FAILS to accomplish that it said it would:

– NO step by step instruction

– Can’t see the people’s face

-The art is just BAD

-This would be a horrible video to teach yourself

What you have to understand right now is that if you WANT to become a great artist through taking online drawing classes you have to abandon the notion of FREE art lessons or drawing websites.

Think about it, what incentive does someone teaching you for free have to meet your personalized needs? Not only is drawing art tough but teaching it online is a million times harder. Most of the individuals you see are on youtube trying to create what is most popular and in demand so they can make some money off of youtube.

If it’s christmas season and you want look up drawing lessons for beginners or drawing classes for kids you won’t find what you need unless you spend hours digging through hundreds of youtube videos. Even then they won’t be organized and you won’t get what you need. Instead you’ll find lots of cliche art tutorials centered around pleasing the millions of amateur artists who just want to draw whats popular!

If you really want a drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw online you’re going to have to shell out a few bucks. Not only will you get a more organized and better product you’ll get something you can ACTUALLY use to get your art to the next level!

Why am I so hot headed about this topic? BECAUSE I USED TO BE THE “FREE-HUNTERS”

I spent years following youtube channels like howcast, jazza and fine art tips and it just didn’t work for me. I would want advanced lessons and tips on things such as pencil drawing and they would be focused on “drawing for dummies” AKA drawing whatever was popular. I would spend hours browsing the popular forms just trying to get better, but to no avail. I honestly wish I had spent all of $20-$30 to improve my artwork quickly so I wouldn’t have been so frustrated.

Long story short… Well not really short because I ended up going on an epic rant you need preplanned step by step training to mold you and create you into a great artist.

Below I have The Best Places to Master Art Online (Before you ask yes I am a member)

I’ve actually been a member of almost every online art training program out there and so I believe I am qualified to give you the best places to go to so you don’t have to waste your money and can instead get straight to the art making process. As expected, some are much better than others and each site is better suited for a different level artist.

I have created reviews for each site showing the advantages and disadvantages of each paid drawing site so that you have an easier decision and can make the small investment to quadruple your rate of improvement when it comes to art.


Best Online Art Lesson Sites

  1. Pencil Kings ( InstantLion Review)
  2. Secrets of Drawing (InstantLion Review)
  3. Pencil Drawing (InstantLion Review)


Pencil Kings (FREE TO JOIN)

Drawing Tutorials

  • Artists seen in Major Art Magazines such as Imagine FX and ARTnews
  • Over the shoulder Step by Step training in a very organized and sophisticated manner. It is suitable for even the most novice artists
  • Highly Advanced Training: I should point out that they have a large selection of advanced training. If you feel stuck as an artist and need an extra push then Pencil Kings is great.
  • Very cheap at $20 per month or $100 per year. Keep in mind that you get access to huge selection of courses, individual one on one conference calls with professional artists that have been featured on MARVEL, SONY, EA, ACTIVISION and NICKELODEAN
  • Training in all forms of art from fundamentals to digital painting and drawing. They have everything!
  • Final Impression: Pencil Kings is EXTREMELY high quality cheap and a godsent gift for beginners and professsionals alike. I am a part of the team and I highly suggest it.

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Secrets of Drawing

  • Best is used by beginner or novice artists
  • Very cheap one time fee ($30)
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee
  • Has almost 30 courses covering everything a beginner could ever need to know about art and drawing such as perspective and different materials to draw with
  • HD downloadable content so you can learn on the go!
  • Final Impression: Cheap and effective for beginners to kickstart you on your art career

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Pencil Drawing

  • Best for learning how to draw sketches although the course teaches you a great deal more than that from perception to head shots
  • Great at teaching you how to use materials properly
  • $97 more expensive that secrets of drawing but more value for a beginner
  • 60 day risk free guarantee
  • Final Impression: Best value for an Intermediate. If you’re advanced skip this and go to Pencil Kings

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 Why Online Lessons?

Online drawing lessons are a convenient easy way to learn how to draw for individuals ranging from your local street artist to you full blown professional art career  persona.  Online drawing lessons are extremely helpful because they dramatically help improve drawing skills in a short period of time in a way that is extremely personal and  comfortable.

Because of the ease of taking lessons online and the fact you can literally learn to draw without ever leaving your bedroom, art lessons are gaining increasing popularity. This has led to a wide variety of resources available that can help one to become a great artist quickly.

Taking art courses online puts a variety of different drawing techniques and methodologies right at your disposal. You can find what you want when you want. At the same time, the classes are structured in a way that is easy to follow and allow you to measure your progress in a systematic way. There are always more modules being added each day so you never have to worry about your art education ending. Plus who knows, after learning so many different forms of art you too could one day open up your own online art lesson clinic.

Online art also saves money if you do your research and choose the ones best suited for you. Having physical lessons can be helpful, but it creates the need for organization, commuting and reliance on the physical presence of your teacher. Going online speeds learning up dramatically and you can always visit a previous lesson without the feeling that you are wasting time or money.

Hiring tutors is also very expensive

Tutors often have to be paid by the hour and the very best tutors require an immensely large fee. On the other hand, the best online artists are very cheap because they reach out to such a large audience and have proven methods of teaching that work. Their use of videos allow you to learn without pressure but they still implement a hands on approach so your lessons are always personal. Most online drawing classes offer support systems in case you are struggling with something you do not understand.

On the other hand, in a physical class you would face a lack of confidence and disappointment if you fell behind your peers. It would also be extremely difficult for your instructor to personalize the lesson to achieve the results you desire. You also have to sit through long and boring lessons if you know most of the material. With online courses you can skip the easy lessons and learn at a much faster pace.

Online drawing lessons also tend to give a money-back guarantee so you can try the service before committing and thus eliminate all risks that are involved. The only thing left to do is find which art lessons are right for you. Beginners might be tempted to look for free beginner lessons but it is best to stick to paid versions for reasons mentioned above. Look at the resources above and find the lesson that suit you best.

Pencil Kings Review|Drawing Secrets Review|Pencil Drawing Review

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